online safely shop

online safely shop

Online shopping has become a trend these days. People always choose something that is easier for them and shopping online is easier for them than normal shopping especially for those who don’t have enough time to go to the shopping malls. Such people always opt for online shopping because what would be easier and less time consuming than shopping while sitting at home. But shopping online could pose some risks for you if you don’t do it right. There are some tips, following which you can have a secure shopping online experience

Familiar websites

If you experience shopping online more often then you must know some of the very popular websites which are being used commonly used. Don’t just stay shopping from a new website all of the sudden when you don’t know it yet instead go for the one you are familiar with so you would know that your information is safe.

Don’t give all of your information

One of the most important tips of shopping online is that you should not give all of your information on just any website. There is just a little bit of information that a site requires but if they ask for other personal information that is not necessary then you should change the idea of shopping from that website. Information that is not required by online shopping website are like social security number, your birthday etc. so make sure not to give all of your information while shopping online.

Protect your PC

Protect your PC from the viruses that you can get from online. Different websites that you don’t know of containing viruses in them which can destroy all of your computer data and sometimes can also obtain the information from your own computer so in order to avoid that an antivirus can help you. Make sure to have an antivirus installed and open when you are shopping online.

Use your PC

Shopping online from the public computers could be a risky job as sometimes people forget to sign out of their accounts and other risks may also pose when you are not using your personal computer. Or if you have to shop online from some public computer then make sure that the place is safe and also make sure to log out from your account when leaving that computer and stay safe.

Use lock

While shopping online don’t buy from a website that does not have SSL (secure sockets layer) installed that protects your information. Don’t even think about using your credit card on a website that doesn’t start with HTTPS:/ instead of HTTP://. In a secure site, there would be padlock appearing next to URL or in the address bar.

Keep a check on your statements

When you are used to of shopping online make sure to check your credit card statements regularly and don’t wait until the end of the month, this way if anything is going wrong you would know immediately and can avoid massive damage.

Following all the above tips you can have a secure shopping online experience.

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